My contributions to the DSi Modding Guide is a website made to guide users through modding their Nintendo DSi (XL) systems. Originally made by emiyl and jerbear64, I started submitting Pull Requests in 2020 to fix up the language and other things I thought could be improved.

DSi Guide After these changes and other general changes (mostly rewords), emiyl has approached me in my discord DMs congratulating me on my work and thanking me for maintaining the guide while she couldn't due to IRL activities. I was given push access to the repository and am now considered the main manager of the website. Ironic how all this happened despite me not even owning a DSi. We then moved the guide to the DS(i) Mode Hacking hands, where I brought on other hands to help me. In the end, we ended up migrating the project away from jekyll to VuePress, introduced StyleHax and other changes. This was a good thing to be the leader of.

Some goals I have for the website

Be sure to check it out. Your road of Custom Firmware is waiting for you!