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Compare & Contrast - Nature vs Technology

What are the environments suited for robots and humans

Classic Sonic: Return of Infinite

Could a potential sequel to Mania include Forces and its story, while being simultaneously fresh and original?

Edgenuity issues

Edgenuity is a platform designed to replace traditional teaching with video watching and quizes. The problem is that it fails to make a platform where students would actually learn.

The effects of my 9th grade

Most of my personality can be traced back to key moments that occured to me in 9th grade, between hacked software, rap battles and teachers.

Online School Issues

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a move to online school. However, the video-conference aspect of it brings issues and generally is not needed.

Ownership Issues

How are you the owner of something? Is it based on if you're the author, or can that be ripped out of you?

Privacy Issues

Where's the fine line of how much info you have on someone? How do you even get that person's info?

Progressive Development

The true definition of progressive development, when you realize your newer work is better than your old one. How did that happen? What process is taking place?

Proposition of shifting the time for finals

Isn't there an easier way of having finals without an overaccumulation of stress for students with 4 finals

NightScript's Summer of 2020

Despite being in a year where everything is supposed to go wrong and generally disliking summer, this summer managed to be the best summer of my life (so far).